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How do I live my Christian life?

How do you live the Christian life? It sounds like an easy question doesn’t it, but in giving an answer to it, most people go on to talk about WHAT they consider they should be doing as a Christian – … Continue reading

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Statements of faith

Why is the ‘Statement of faith’ concerning this blog (under the tab ‘About this blog’ above) quite short and general in tone? Sometimes you may have found that you have had to move to a new location, perhaps as part … Continue reading

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Following Jesus versus teaching, doctrine and theology

I sometimes find myself getting a bit annoyed. Many professing Christians that I meet these days seem to say something like: ‘I don’t bother much with doctrine, teaching and labels – I just follow Jesus’. When you are busy studying as I … Continue reading

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Christian Worship Meetings

Meeting together for worship is a fundamental part of the Christian life. It is an opportunity for believers to gather together with like-minded people in order to praise God. This meeting is the most important meeting of the fellowship, so it seems to be important to me that Christians get this meeting right. Continue reading

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Study/Teaching Meeting

The way in which this meeting is structured means that the meeting ‘operates at the levels and concerns of the participants’, so the role of the leader is to detach from their own agenda and allow the meeting to ‘find this level, because this is the level at which the participants are engaged. It is not a meeting whereby the leader merely presents their own opinion/research in the form of a lecture/sermon after which there is no opportunity for questions, discussion or challenge. Rather, this is a discussion/debate meeting in which all participants are actively included and who in many ways set the level of the depth of study as well as the direction of the study/themes under consideration, within the parameters of the main theme under discussion. Continue reading

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Holiness meetings

The aim of this group resides in the personal, individual aim of each of its members to ‘mean business with God’ such that they ‘get right with God’. As part of this, they seek the outpouring or infusing of the Spirit of God on themselves, on the fellowship and on its overseers. They are not seeking to ‘work up’ an emotional experience. Rather, they are seeking to submit or surrender to the Spirit of God, who guarantees to be present where two or three are gathered together in the name of Jesus. These people are not coming together as ‘those who have already attained’, just the opposite – they are coming together as those who are poor, needy, disobedient, rebellious, dry, lukewarm and so on. They come together recognising their own failures, disobedience and poverty of grace. This is where they start. Right where they are. They believe that God will meet them ‘where they are’. Continue reading

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E-Book – Evelyn Underhill – Mysticism

Evelyn Underhill’s book on Mysticism is a classic text on the subject of ‘Inner Spirituality’. An Anglican Christian, she covers a wide range of mystical traditions and philosophies in her book which is a required reference work for anyone interested in this subject. Highly recommended. You can access this book in pdf format here. Continue reading

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