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Gender Matters

Gender matters to God’s people. To see why check out ‘Faithfulness – The loyalty of God and His people’ – a new book by Robert Laynton. (154pp). Available from Amazon.

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Book – God’s Plan for the World

In this book author Robert Laynton takes an overview of what scripture has to say about God’s Plan of restoration, renewal and reconciliation and in the process considers what it means for each and every one of us – whether we are Christian or not. Continue reading

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Jews, Gentiles and Christians

In His Covenant with Abram, God made certain promises and commitments to Abram and his fleshly descendants through Isaac – descendants who became the ‘children of Israel’ or the Israelites. It was through the nation of Israel that God chose to reveal His purposes concerning restoration and deliverance. It was through Israel that the Deliverer would come. It was through Israel that the other nations of the world would be blessed. As such, the ‘children of Israel’ were set apart. Continue reading

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The Thinking Christian

I am a thinking Christian. That is what I am. That is the gift that I have. I am not an Overseer/Elder or a Deacon. I don’t have the qualifications for those roles. I am not a teacher – I have not been formally asked to fill the role of teacher and again, I do not consider myself to be qualified to fill that role anyway. But I think a lot. Because of the makeup of my personality and temperament, I need to anchor myself with a good cognitive foundation – a good understanding, a firm perception and apprehension of basic principles – so that I am orientated, so that I know where I am, and so that I know what direction I am travelling in and what my destination is. I find myself constantly asking questions about Christianity and sometimes I find that the answers that I get are not adequate – so I have to explore the theme for myself, more deeply. So, all being well, I eventually find answers that seem to satisfy the questions that I have asked. Continue reading

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Covenants defined – and what they mean for you

Very often, Christians substitute the word ‘agreement’ for ‘covenant’. They present the idea that a covenant is some sort of agreement between God and us. But God’s Covenants are not like ‘agreements’. The word ‘agreement’ carries with it the idea that two groups or the representatives of such groups come together to negotiate an agreement. They, as it were, sit around the table and thrash out a deal. Various proposals, points or clauses are debated, argued over, refined, modified and eventually agreed upon such that a final Agreement is then drawn up. So in this interpretation, a Covenant becomes a sort ratified and signed final negotiated agreement, a sort of ‘contract’ that is signed up to by both parties. But this is not the Biblical idea of a Covenant as presented by God. God’s Covenants are much more one-sided than this. Continue reading

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Labels, Categories and Belief

Labels, Categories and Belief Labels, categories and concepts – We all need them. We all use them. They provide a kind of shorthand that enables us to communicate with each other without having to go into detailed explanations every time … Continue reading

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How do I live my Christian life?

How do you live the Christian life? It sounds like an easy question doesn’t it, but in giving an answer to it, most people go on to talk about WHAT they consider they should be doing as a Christian – … Continue reading

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