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Abraham – Covenant and promise (3)

Here are God’s Covenant promises:

Abram will be the father of many nations

Abram’s name is to be changed to Abraham because God has made him the father of many nations

This is an everlasting Covenant between God and the descendants of Abraham (through Isaac) for generations to come

God will be their God

God will give the land of Canaan as an everlasting possession

For Abram

For his descendants

Sarai’s name is to changed to Sarah, because she is the mother of many nations

Abraham and Sarah will have a son who is to be named ‘Isaac’

God will establish His Covenant with Isaac Continue reading

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How do I live my Christian life?

How do you live the Christian life? It sounds like an easy question doesn’t it, but in giving an answer to it, most people go on to talk about WHAT they consider they should be doing as a Christian – … Continue reading

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