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Ignorance (3)

It would seem that ignorance is of two broad types:

1) Not knowing or being aware of something, not having the information
2) Deliberate suppression of knowledge or not obtaining knowledge because of an attitude of indifference, intolerance or opposition.
These two kinds of ignorance incur two different responses from God. Continue reading

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Ignorance (1) – The Jews

Even the Israelites sometimes acted in ignorance – they sometimes did not realize the mistakes that they were making. What sort of language does the bible use to describe this ignorance on the part of the Jews? It uses terms like this: ‘You foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear’ (Jeremiah 5 v 21). Ignorance involves mistaken thinking and affections arising from insensitivity, blindness and deafness. An ignorant person has physical eyes to see with and ears to hear with but they do not see or hear what God is saying. They are not sensitive and responsive enough to be aware of God, they have a dullness of mind and so they adopt a pattern of thinking and behaviour that is silly and foolish, and tend to follow their own passions and desires. Continue reading

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Covenant Law and God’s Promises

When God gave His Covenant Law at Sinai to the ‘children of Israel’ through Moses, did God’s Covenant of Law nullify or render useless God’s earlier Covenant and promises that God had made to Abram and his fleshly descendants through Isaac? Was God’s Covenant with Abram superseded or made of no effect? Continue reading

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