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Abraham – Covenant and Promise (1)

There are a number of interwoven aspects to God’s promises to Abram:

1) Abram will be the head of a great nation
2) Abram will be blessed
3) Abram’s name will be great
4) Abram will be a blessing – all peoples on earth will be blessed through Abram
5) Abram is dear to God – those who bless Abram will be blessed by God, but those who curse Abram will be cursed by God
6) Abram’s offspring are going to be numerous – impossible to count
7) God is going to give Abram and his offspring a portion of land forever
8) God declares that He is Abram’s shield – his protector and defender
9) God declares that he is Abram’s very great reward
Nowhere in this text are these promises made by God to Abraham referred to as a Covenant. There is indeed a Covenant made by God with Abraham but these promises that I have been looking at here are not part of that Covenant. Continue reading

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Equality, Differences and Levelling

Equality between Jews and Gentiles, (Greeks or non-Jews), in terms of the gospel and entrance to membership of the Kingdom does not mean that Jews and Gentiles are therefore the same. They are different. They are each coming to God from different places. Although there is no difference between Jew and Gentile in terms of the offer of the gospel, there are nevertheless very real differences between Jews and Gentiles at this present time. These differences do not mean that Jews are ‘superior’ to Gentiles, or that Gentiles are ‘superior’ to Jews because the power of sin levels out these two groups to a position of equality in terms of the gospel. Continue reading

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