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Jews, Gentiles and Christians

In His Covenant with Abram, God made certain promises and commitments to Abram and his fleshly descendants through Isaac – descendants who became the ‘children of Israel’ or the Israelites. It was through the nation of Israel that God chose to reveal His purposes concerning restoration and deliverance. It was through Israel that the Deliverer would come. It was through Israel that the other nations of the world would be blessed. As such, the ‘children of Israel’ were set apart. Continue reading

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The Noahic Covenant

The Covenant that God made with Noah does not receive anything like the attention that the Covenant that God made with Adam receives. It is the events of the flood itself that tend to draw the attention of Christians. But the Covenant made by God with Noah is very important. Continue reading

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The origin of Conscience

Adam, Eve and their descendants now knew guilt and shame, good and evil, in their own personal, individual experience.
The emergence of this personal experiential knowledge produced a new personal, inner aspect or quality to human nature – it resulted in the emergence of the conscience and the subsequent use of our conscience as a basis for our moral decisions and evaluations. This meant that individuals ‘knew with themselves’ (which is what ‘conscience’ means) what was right and what was wrong and they found themselves responsible to maintain a clear conscience. Continue reading

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