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Kingdom in decline – Promises and expectations

Everything seemed ‘on the up’ for the ‘children of Israel’ and God’s promises to Abram, Moses and David seemed to be coming to fulfillment and completion.

Then Solomon and the ‘children of Israel’ broke the Covenant – they strayed and began to worship other gods. Thus began a period of decline, corruption and division. The unified Kingdom under David and Solomon split into two rival kingdoms, critical of each other. There were a series of corrupt kings, and then the threat of defeat and conquest by rival nations such as Assyria and Babylon.

Where were God’s promises now? Continue reading

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David and the Covenant – An everlasting Kingdom

Although God was the Sovereign Lord of Israel, the ‘children of Israel’ became discontent with the Judges that applied the Covenant Law of Sinai. They wanted a human King, and despite Samuel’s protestations to the people, the ‘children of Israel’ insisted and so God granted them a king in form of Saul. Things did not go well with King Saul. However, in due course, David replaced Saul as King and by speaking to David God elaborated the Covenant that he had made with Abraham and Moses further still. Continue reading

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The Tabernacle or ‘Tent of Meeting’

The ‘children of Israel’ were also commanded to build a Tabernacle – also known as the ‘tent of meeting’. ‘Have them make a sanctuary for me, and I will dwell among them’ (Exodus 25 v 8). This was not a ‘tent of meeting’ in the sense of being some sort marquee where all the people could assemble – it was not an ‘assembly hall’ or ‘congregational meeting house’. The ‘meeting’ referred to here is not a gathering of all the people in order to meet together in one place, but rather, it is a meeting between a representative of the ‘children of Israel’ and God Himself. Continue reading

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